Dear Scholarship Applicant: 
Thank you for your interest in Delegate Andrea Harrison’s academic scholarship.  In order to apply, you must be a resident of Maryland’s 24th Legislative District and a high school senior, an undergraduate or graduate student, or a private career (trade) school student.  To confirm that you are a resident, please visit and enter your address to find out if you reside in District 24.  
To be considered for a scholarship, please write a letter of interest to Delegate Harrison.  The letter should not exceed two double-spaced pages and must include the following: college or trade school you plan to attend or are attending, your major or trade, current/previous community service and leadership activities, and future career and academic goals.  If you have applied in previous years, you still need to write a new letter of interest in order to be considered.  In addition to the letter, please write a short essay on "What is the significance of Juneteenth and its importance as a National Holiday?"


Please submit the form along with your letter and essay no later than April 1, 2022.  Also include a copy of your most recent transcript or report card, two letters of recommendation and a copy of the Student Aid Report (SAR) from your completed FAFSA (please DO NOT send the entire document – only the SAR), if applicable. When submitting the application, please be certain to save the file under your first and last name (i.e., lastname_firstname_2022).  To ensure that you will be considered for need-based State Scholarships, you must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 1, 2022. 
The Delegate Scholarship may be used for community college, undergraduate or graduate studies, and private career (trade) schools.  Both full- and part-time students are eligible to apply.  Full-time undergraduate students must maintain 12 credits or more per semester, while part-time undergraduate students must maintain 6-11 credits.  Full-time graduate students must maintain 9 or more credits per semester, while part-time graduate students must maintain 6-8 credits per semester.  
You may only use this scholarship at an out-of-state school if your major is not available at a Maryland school or if you are a Maryland resident serving in the military and stationed out of state. The Office of Financial Aid must identify your major as “unique.”  To establish unique major status, contact the Maryland Higher Education Commission ( for the requirements.  
The Delegate Scholarship is for a single academic year. You must reapply for the scholarship each academic year. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any additional questions. Best of luck! 
Vernita Hughes Johnson  
Legislative Director 
Delegate Andrea Harrison, District 24 
Office: (410) 841-3919/(301) 858-3919


Andrea C. Harrison  
State Delegate 
24th Legislative District 
(301) 858-3919/301-858-3925(fax)


Lowe House Office Building 
6 Bladen Street, Room 204 
Annapolis, MD 21401