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Tell Governor Hogan to Fix Policing in Maryland

Join Speaker Adrienne A. Jones and all 98 members of the House Democratic Caucus in urging Governor Larry Hogan to fix policing in Maryland.

Policing in America is broken, and we have not done enough to fix it. The Governor can take some important steps to start saving lives right now.

Sign the petition to tell Governor Hogan to issue an executive order to immediately:

  • Ban choke holds and shooting at moving vehicles;

  • Report police misconduct and re-train offending officers;

  • Reform deadly force rules within our police departments and

  • Require police officers to intervene when they see another officer using excessive force.

These existing best practice recommendations by the Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission are not required among policing agencies in Maryland. We must take immediate action to make these recommendations requirements to ensure every Maryland resident has confidence in their police department.

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