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Tips for staying safe on Halloween!

As Halloween rapidly approaches (Tuesday, 10/31/17), it’s important to keep your little princesses and superheroes safe and sound! Here are a four tips to make your fright night safe and fun:

  1. Wear bright attire – When trick-or-treating at night, it is important that your children are visible. Using reflectors on shoes or clothing, or even placing reflective vests over your child’s costume will ensure their safety and visibility. Carrying a flashlight is also helpful.

  2. Route planning – Mapping out your trick-or-treating route in advance is helpful to avoid tiredness, and also avoids visiting areas of your neighborhood that your child may not be familiar with. Having a plan in place before venturing out will make your Halloween night go smoothly.

  3. Check your candy – Inspecting your child’s candy is crucial to identify open packages, or candy that looks like it isn’t in its original packaging. Throw away all food items that appear to be tampered with or suspicious.

  4. Have fun! – What’s most important is making positive memories for your child. If they are safe and sound then their Halloween is sure to be SWEET!

Happy Halloween!

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